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Asthma Treatment

What is Asthma

Asthma is an inflammatory disease of the airways to the lungs. It makes breathing difficult and can make some physical activities challenging or even impossible.

Asthma symptoms occur when the lining of your airways swell and the muscles around them tighten. The mucus then fills the airways, further reducing the amount of air that can pass through.
These conditions can then bring on asthma “attack,” the coughing and tightness in your chest that’s typical of asthma.

Around 60% of asthma sufferers in Ireland do not have their asthma under control. With the right treatment you can control your asthma and keep your symptoms at bay.

There are a variety of different treatments and medications for asthma. Some, called relievers, work to relieve your symptoms when they happen, while others, called controllers, help to control your symptoms and stop them happening.

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