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Doctor365 online doctor & telemedicine services have the capability to provide electronic prescriptions (e-prescriptions) for medications. Here's how the process typically works:
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Virtual Consultation:
Patients schedule an appointment with a healthcare provider through an online clinic or telemedicine platform.
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Digital Assessment:
During the virtual consultation, the healthcare provider assesses the patient's medical history, symptoms, and any relevant information.
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Diagnosis and Treatment Plan:
Based on the assessment, the healthcare provider makes a diagnosis and develops a treatment plan. This may include prescribing medications. Prescription will be sent to your nearby preferred pharmacy

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Managed heathcare services

We make efforts to change the way that healthcare services are offered in order to meet the changing needs of our patients, both for the present and future.

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Reason why you should Doctor365

It's important to note a few considerations regarding online doctor prescriptions:
Selena Gollet
Selena Gollet

My experience at Doctor365 was exceptional. The staff were friendly, and Doctor provided attentive care, addressing all my concerns efficiently. Their flexible hours and easy online booking made the visit incredibly convenient. Highly recommend for top-notch healthcare service. Thank you 


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